Janna Hasko-Dunagan - Deafness/Hard of Hearing - University of Arizona

Janna Hasko-Dunagan, M.S., Deaf Education, has worked in the field of Deaf Education for 12 years prior to pursuing her Ph.D. in Special Education at the University of Arizona.  Janna has interpreted in the K-12 setting and provided instruction to deaf and hard of hearing students of all ages in the state of Idaho.  She has had experience teaching language acquisition in both the Listening and Spoken Language classroom as well as the Total Communication classroom. Through her experience and continued education, she has acquired a wide skillset to provide direct and mediated instruction to deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) students regardless of the mode of communication (auditory verbal and/or sign language). She has also held leadership positions as a lead teacher and the special education chair to collaborate with and mentor teachers and paraprofessionals. In her last year as a teacher, she participated in research as a research teacher implementing strategies for DHH students’ vocabulary development, which inspired her to pursue her Ph.D.

Janna is currently a research teacher for the Center on Literacy and Deafness (CLAD) at the University of Arizona.  Through this opportunity, she has participated in the design, implementation, and analysis of single case design research projects. She has also has completed an Exploratory Factor Analysis on a measurement tool that is being developed.  With a minor in statistics she will complete a Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Multivariate Variance Analysis to determine the validity of this measurement tool. Her current research interests are Access Readiness Skills through Visual Attention and the collaboration between Teachers of the Deaf, Educational Interpreters, and General Education Teachers.