Sunggye Hong |

Dr. Sunggye Hong, associate professor of the department of disability and psychoeducational studies and the program coordinator of the visual impairments teacher training program, received both his master’s and doctoral degrees from The University of Arizona in Special Education/Education of Students with Visual Impairments. He took a faculty position in the Department of Special Education at San Francisco State University and at the University of Northern Iowa where he served as a coordinator of the visual impairment programs. He has conducted research in the areas of braille reading, assistive technology, and expanded core curriculum of students with visual impairments. His research agenda is aimed at promoting equal access to educational opportunities including curriculum materials, classroom activities, and other school programs of students who are blind or visually impaired with or without additional disabilities.  Dr. Hong has engaged in several grant activities through the Office of Special Education Programs and attracted over 2.5 million external funding.