Gloshanda Lawyer, Deafness/Hard of Hearing - University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Gloshanda Lawyer is a South Carolina native. She attended the University of Minnesota where she completed her Bachelor's of Individualized Studies with concentration in Linguistics, Spanish Studies and Deaf Studies as well as her Master's of Education (Special Education) where she received teaching licenses in Deaf/Hard of Hearing Education and Early Childhood Special Education. From 2011-2014 she worked as a Preschool Teacher at Metro Deaf School a bilingual- bicultural school with ASL as the language of instruction, in Saint Paul, MN. During that time, she also served as Co-chairperson for the Parent Teacher Group for one year and the High School Track and Field Coach for 2 years. In 2014, she resigned her positions at Metro Deaf School in order to work as a Birth-3 Early Childhood Special Education Teacher for Saint Paul Public Schools where she worked under Part C of the Federal law and did home visiting instruction with families and infants and initial assessments for Special Education. Gloshanda has also worked as a professional Spanish medical interpreter for the past 7 years and as a Spanish medical translator for the past 2 years. She also does community-based interpreting for Deaf individuals in Spanish settings (ASL-Spanish) interpreting. 

Gloshanda will be attending the University of Tennessee-Knoxville to complete her doctoral studies with emphasis in Early Childhood and Deaf Education.